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CSC Staff

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Our training policy is simple. We decided to go every year to different places with different coaches to recycle the teaching techniques that we apply to CSC and take classes ourselves in order to further improve our surfing.

We believe and have as main philosophy that all complex learning processes are subject to an evolutionary pattern and tactics are selective, this is what makes these programs applied to teaching surfing increasingly precise and perfect.

Besides, while traveling to different places to practice our sport, we are filled with personal experiences sharing knowledge with people who share the same passion with the same criteria.

We do not say that our instructors are the best because that is not a judgment that we should make, all we are saying is that we have a commitment to those we teach and that is why we try to focus most of our energy in the formation. For when the time has come we are up to offer the best to you.

All those who are part of our team must share this ideology and show that the learning process takes forever, facing the challenge of teaching with humility, commitment and loyalty to oneself.

Get to know our instructors

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