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Surf Academy

Surfing is a complex discipline, similar to other sports or disciplines, the process of perfecting will take us years.

There is a mistaken belief that surfing is not learned in a guided manner. In sports such as skiing, soccer or karate to name a few, the evolutionary process is not understood without the figure of trainers and training itself. But this way of understanding surfing is currently changing.

It is understood that those who have reached the highest level in the sport have followed the correct structure in its apprenticeship and have received support from coaches constantly, none of those surfers you see in the videos have learned alone all the time.

The difference between starting the sport with taking some classes until you manage to get up on the board or choosing to become part of a long-term program is evident.

What is the role of surf schools that have long-term programs?

What a surf academy does, is to create patterns of technical understanding by sharing teaching programs with the highest International Standards. The same program used to train surfers in Australia or England. Sports science has evolved fairly and the methodology applied in the field of surfing is what makes the new techniques beeing refined until making them standardized methods of teaching.

When applying such a program, the time a student needs to reach the highest level in surfing is reduced. Furthermore it mentally prepares students to understand that reaching the top does not happen by magic but that it is part of a deep learning process, commitment and a high degree of motivation.

Thinking more critically, the investment of money that will make buying a board and a suit of the last model – to trying to learn surfing by yourself – is about 500 € to 1000 €.

This economic investment can be more effectively spend if instead of buying a board and an outfit you invest that same money in your training. You can count with the advantage of enjoying the material the same way as if it were yours, while not running the risk of breaking it (which is what always happens with the first boards that you own). Another strong point is that you can go changing material as you progress and later buy your own stuff once you have the true knowledge of what you really need.

Technification CSC Wave Pool

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The idea of bringing the technification of surfing to Tenerife, turn up when we was preparing a program for our most advanced groms to improve their surfing skills on different kind of surfaces where they had never surfed before (rocks, reef, tube waves, etc). In addition to these reasons, we have the opportunity to test artificial waves of SIAM PARK and check its potential for technification.

After this lived experience at the wave pool SIAM PARK, we saw an opportunity to bring the groms surfing to another level due to quality of waves which offer us and the optimization in all mental aspects that we need it to catch the wave. These are the reasons why we opened a special program where we intend to test different wave pool of national and international scope (coming soon in Madrid and Dubai, in Wadi pool).

If you are a group wanting to try this experience, now it is possible in Cadiz Surf Center, where we prepare a specific program adapted to your age and level. For more information contact us.

What else can I know about the Surf Academy?

As in any other academy, the program is adapted to the level of students. This may make you think about what type of programs exist in learning to surf, or maybe you wonder what levels there are and in which you might find yourself. These questions and more, are answered in the following sections:

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