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Surf School

Surf schools provide those wanting to take up the sport with a magnificent variety of services and benefits, such as technical training, the ability to go changing boards as you progress, the possibility to making friends who share the same passion and find themselves at the same level as you do, and constantly tracking your evolutionary process by professional staff…

In the case of children, they can likewise meet every week with (new) friends to enjoy the water in a safe, enriching and educative environment, in contact with the nature, reinforcing the value system and ​​encouraging respect for everything the surfing provides.

CSC is also a club, always open. After your classes or if you are bored at home and want to get away from your everyday life, our center offers a place where you can share a talk on surf accompanied by coffee, read a book on surfing or attend the various activities organized such like watching movies, lectures, clinics, etc.

How we organize surf lessons

Our practical surf lessons are organized in groups with a maximum of 8 students per instructor.

For the specific training of surf techniques, we will divide students into groups according to their level so that they can get the most out of the training. We specialise in applying different techniques to each and every learning profile.

All the students will reach every target. You’ll enjoy each technique from day one.

Meanwhile, topics of general interest will be shared among all group members.

Occasionally we do special video analysis sessions that can be attend by groups of different levels. We analyse recordings of various practical lessons and we exchange knowledge because veterans and novice surfers participate together and will have the opportunity to make a pooling of how they understand the information they acquire.

This not only encourages a process of mutual learning between students with different levels of surfing, it also promotes friendship among students. With this configuration we can meet the needs of all levels of surfers, from beginners to advanced surfers.

Some Interesting Facts

Surely you’re interested in knowing our schedules, prices and how to combine everything. Therefore in the following sections we offer the answers to your questions and if you’re still experiencing any doubts, you can contact us here.

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