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CSC offers special packages for schools, sports centers and hotels.

A discount will apply on the total percentage of the price per course based on the number of students.

For schools and sports centers with more than 20 students, the final price will be € 15 per student.

You can request pickup service for groups with a maximum of 6 people.

Special package for the incentive of Enterprises and Multinationals


Since these are special cases, CSC has developed a separate dossier for this specific product.

This type of package, developed by a sports psychologist expert in the motivational field, is focused on establishing protocols of motivation, team work, goal setting, etc, helping to establish closer ties between employees and build capacity to address common challenges. For all types of companies ranging from small businesses (SMBs) to large multinationals.

An example:

Day 1: Introduction to surf.

  • Aperitif in the CSC carp
  • Introduction to the dynamic equilibrium.
  • Group exercises that encourage competition and the ability to group work.
  • Shower

Day 2: Water entry in groups.

  • Aperitif in the CSC carp
  • Film work in groups. One member of each group records the rest of the group and together they develop a video which will show their skills as surfers besides being creative as in the end the best of all videos will be chosen.
  • Watching the videos
  • Shower

Interested parties may request the dossier by contacting us, using this link.


PRICE: € 130 per person
DURATION: 5 classes (1’5 hours per class)
MINIMUM: 5 people

This package is designed for one, two or more families who you want to share the experience of a surfing course together.

As your family takes the surf classes you will be filmed and a video montage will be prepared so you can relive all the moments and situations that you experienced. A memory for a lifetime.

You can distribute the classes based on the availability and the days your holiday last. Each class lasts an hour and a half, in which in addition to the course we will be filming the entire process of evolution. The 5 classes can be distributed in the time period the customers choose. You decided if morning or afternoon class, or if to take five classes in three days (two days in the morning and afternoon, and the third day only the morning class), we are flexible and you are free to choose your settings.

DEEP SURF Package (Combining surf classes and functional training)

PRICE: € 130 per person

This package intensively combines surf lessons and practical training sessions.

Functional training will give you knowledge of specific surf exercises, which you can continue applying to your own personal training once you get home.

Classes may be distributed according to the availability of the group, just as in the aforementioned packages.

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