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Mental, energetic and emotional benefits

The benefits that yoga can have on the surf are indisputable. Whether through strength, flexibility, staying focused on what you’re doing or simply breathing better – which is all very important in the surf. In CSC you can practice yoga because it is something we can combine perfectly with our line of work in teaching surf.

Chen you face some bad situations in the ocean, you have to be able to stay calm and relaxed, this is crucial to face constantly increasing challenges. A practice like yoga can strengthen those weaknesses that make us flinch at those situations and help us pass them with more resources.

Learning to keep your mind clear of negative thoughts, you will find it easier to focus; you will progress faster in everything you do if you keep that frame of mind.

Learning to breathe properly is very important. It helps you to calm down when you are stressed, to relax the body and to find balance.

Breathing is the first thing we do in this life. When done correctly, breathing can actually contribute positively to your overall health.

But many of us forget how to breathe. We become mouth breathing and we do very short, shallow breaths. When you breathe like that you are not getting the oxygen you need, which neither helps in sport nor in life in general.

CSC provides the ability to enter the world of yoga and to apply its benefits. We provide single classes for groups upon request or you can become part of an annual cycle.

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